Ray-Ban’s Rare Prints.

Ray-Ban has released their new design: Rare Prints – a  new colorful take featuring a variety of prints on the classic Wayfarer sun-glasses that have become an iconic staple for the hipster in all of us. Now with colorful stripes that remind me of the childhood chewing gum ‘Fruit-Stripe Gum,‘ these sunglasses give everyone their own style and take on Ray-Bans.

My personal favorite?  The multi-stripe: red/white/blue Wayfarer II.

Now, in case you forgot about “Fruit-Stripe Gum:” here’s a refresher: Remember those tattoos?! I use to don them on my arms like a stunna, and go through a pack of Fruit-Stripes a day. I officially call these sunglasses the Fruit-Stripe-Ray-Bans.



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