Avicii in Concert..

Several weekends ago, my friends and I went to see Avicii spin on ‘the ones and twos’ at Revel in Atlantic City. (Yes, this was my second concert at Revel, but whose counting? Clearly I am since I just admitted it. Awesome.) It was our first rave, if you will, and it left me feeling speechless in the best way possible, if that makes sense.

To best describe it, think of that moment you’re at a bar/club/party when your favorite song starts to play. Think about how your heart reacts to the beat of the song, how it pulses through you and if you don’t dance your heart out right then and there, you’ll explode. Think about how your voice works to sing and scream at the same time. Think about how overcome you are that your song is playing for everyone else to hear. At a rave, the entire crowd is experiencing the same feeling and expressing it the only way possible – by dancing, jumping, screaming or just bobbing along.

My friends and I spent the night dancing to our songs and just living in our own dance party. After the concert, my friend described the evening as one of the ‘best nights of my life’ and I couldn’t agree more. We danced all night, and for us there was nothing better.

Below are some more pictures I captured from our night:

And yes, the above picture is the aftermath of a rave.



ps. My romper is from (ready?): Ann Taylor Loft 


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