Smith Canteen’s Fruit Infused Water..

The heat in New York City has been a bit unbearable, okay a lot unbearable. On the pro side, our diets now include a mix of iced coffees, Mister Softee and fro-yo. On the con side, we’re all just sweaty messes (maybe not all of you, but definitely me). On a recent trek to Brooklyn with my dear friend, LBD, we made a stop at her favorite place, the Smith Canteen, for a mid-afternoon break. Inside, my eye caught on this:

Peach, thyme and lemon verbena infused water? Yes, please. It also tastes exactly how it looks – refreshing with a light hint of fresh fruit. I’ll be begging LBD to take me back to Smith Canteen to taste their other delectable items. In the meantime, I’m going to try to recreate this beverage, but looking at my cooking track-record, it could be disastrous.

Here’s hoping!



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