Friends: Monica and Rachel.

I have no problem admitting that the only television I watch is whatever Nick@Nite or TV Land has showing. My favorites being classics like 
The Nanny and Friends (yes, I consider Fran Fine and the gang from Central Perk classics). 
Watching Friends always reminds me of one of my best friends from college. We both knew we’d get along from the beginning when she spotted my Friends DVD collection. From then on, we lived together in our on-campus apartment, spending countless late nights drinking coffee, studying and doing whatever college-y things there was to do. Now, despite living apart, we are enduring the bouts of early twenty-something-hood together. If it is not by a phone call, text, G-Chat, Skype or Facebook – we never go a day without checking in on one another.
Needless to say, she is the Monica to my Rachel. Do you have a friend like Monica/Rachel?
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