Hello, Hello

My dear sweet Readers,

I hope you are  all enjoying 2011 thus far and that your new year resolutions are still going strong. As for me, my resolution of not being a ‘debbie downer’ has gone sour. Not even a day after the ball drop did I continue to interject all the negativity I could conjure up into everyday conversations. On a brighter note, I still have my friends…for now.

With that, it coincides with my MIA status on jonotjoe weblog. For the past month, I have been living in a rut – of pure redundancy and well, debbie-downer-esque conversations. So as to avoid spreading the negativity, I took a well needed break from, well everything.

I hope you dear readers will understand, and that we’ll pick up where we left off. I also have to include the fact that Vanessa Hudgens has also been MIA. It looks like we’re both having a rough 2011.




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