All Good Things about Kirsten Dunst.

When I think of Kirsten Dunst, I think of cake. She is one of the actresses who I simply adore, and has gained my respect ever since her portrayal of Marie Antoinette –which is one of my favorite movies. Dunst has starred in many of pop-culture’s famed films, but her latest project is a small, independent film acting opposite of Ryan Gosling. All Good Things delves into the scandal of a New York real-estate heir Robert Durst, and the disappearance of his wife in 1982. In a recent New York Magazine article, Dunst spoke about her new film and how she her acting changed:

“Doing All Good Things really felt like I was acting for myself rather than anyone else,” she says. “It gave me a freedom I’d never had before, or knew I had, to do whatever I want to, and to argue my opinions and not just feel like the cute girl on set or the girl in a boy’s club. I figured out how I could be both. And it’s been different ever since.”

Dunst in a lace Valentino dress at the premiere of All Good Things in NYC

Dunst stars as the teenager from Long Island who marries Robert Durst (Gosling), and soon realizes that something is wrong with her husband. Gosling commented on the complexity of Dunst’s character and how she evolved throughout the film: “Whatever dragons she’d been chasing, she chased them and trapped and slew ’em between action and cut,” says Gosling. “You weren’t watching somebody who was unlocking something in themselves, and then because they’d finally exposed it maybe they could retire. You felt like you were watching somebody unlock something, and now that it had been exposed they could get started.”

Here’s the trailer for your viewing pleasure:

The movie looks absolutely riveting, and I’m so glad Dunst is back on the big screen. It’s been too long.


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