Blake Lively and Christian Louboutin at the Footwear News Achievement Awards.

It pains me to post about Blake Lively – mostly because I dislike her character on Gossip Girl (I mean who really walks through Central Park in stilettos and a skin-tight dress?) However, I do forgive Lively for her portrayal of Serena when Lively herself walks the red carpet in pure perfection – right down to the shoes. So I’ll let bygones be bygones and admire her style (or stylist) and praise her for fantastic ensemble at the 24th Annual Footwear News Achievement Awards. In honor of Christian Louboutin, the Footwear News‘ Person of the Year, Lively gave thanks to the famed designer by donning his heels – aka- modern day’s glass slipper.

[images via]

Lively is donning a deliciously green Prabal Gurung frock which wholeheartedly showcases the glory of the Louboutin shoes. Well played.



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