Emma Watson: Marie Claire Cover Girl

Just because I adore Emma Watson so much – I nearly jumped up and down when I saw her on the cover of the December issue of Marie Claire. Yes, I know I said I would never look at another issue of Marie Claire again (because of that blog post which I won’t discuss here because its revolting) – however – this is Emma Watson. On the cover. I had to take a peek! And her photo spread? Wearing  pastels, nudes, ivories  and sporting a pixie hair cut – she looked absolutely stunning. The following are photos from her shoot – go here to read her interview.


“I think fashion is a great way to express yourself . . . I read a great quote by Jean Cocteau: ‘Style is a simple way of saying complicated things.’ It’s fun. It’s escapist. It can change the way you think or feel. As an actress, just wearing something helps me get into character. In this day and age, the way you present yourself to the world is a big deal. What I find hard is that everything is analyzed to the point of obsession. I love fashion, but that’s not going to be the most important thing about my day. I’m never going to look perfect all the time. I will make mistakes. Maybe I’ll make the worst-dressed lists. But I would rather make mistakes and learn my own way and be who I am than pay someone to tell me how to dress and who I am. I’d rather not be perfect.” – Emma Watson, Marie Claire, December 2010


2 thoughts on “Emma Watson: Marie Claire Cover Girl

  1. I absolutely love Emma Watson! i think she looked gorgeous at the London premiere of the HPATDH! Did you get to see the pictures? I also think she’s a wonderful role model!

    • I couldn’t agree more – she’s an inspiration! AND I loved, loved, loved her dress from the premiere!! I just blogged about it, couldn’t help myself 🙂

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