Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan Reunite in ‘Never Let Me Go.”

Keira Knightley – my favorite actress – is finally back on the Red Carpet premiering her latest film. I’ve missed watching her on the big screen – which is why I watch Pride & Prejudice on a regular basis.  Her latest movie, Never Let Me Go is in select theaters as of late – and she has been off on European premieres wearing Chanel and Rodarte. Co-starring with fellow Pride & Prejudice alumni Carey Mulligan (which I didn’t know till I recently re-watched the movie and recognized her as Kitty Bennet), the two have looked perfectly classic and very lady-like  chic. My favorite look of Knightley thus far is this dazzling Chanel number.

Knightley in a Chanel pearl-infused dress

Mulligan in a pleated Proenza Schouler dress and Knightley in a perfectly mastered Rodarte shirt and skirt look.

I have heard that Never Let Me Go is a beautiful film – albeit slightly mysterious in terms of the mentions of ‘donations’ and ‘carer,’ but it looks artistically wonderful. Here’s the trailer:

I also want to read the novel by Kazuo Ishiguro, which the move is based on. I’ve scanned a few pages and it reads hauntingly beautiful.


[images via celebrity-gossip]


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