Sweater Season.

I have to admit: I haven’t been much of the fashionista lately. Shocked. I know.

Over the summer – I was cold. Moving from cold train – to subway – to freezing office – back to subway – into freezing bus. So my wardrobe quickly became – jeans – shirt – sweater. As the months progressed – my sweaters became heavier and wooly. I put aside the fashionable and embraced the warmth in sweaters.

The moment I realized that I had let my wardrobe go bland was when I complimented one of the fashion interns on her cute suede booties. She replied with a thank you, then proceeded to blatantly scan my outfit all the way down to my worn sandals and turned away. I looked down at my outfit – and sure – it wasn’t the best one I’ve worn and okay, my sandals were a bit torn,  but nevertheless – I didn’t look that bad – did I?

I took that moment as a wake-up-call and forced myself to start putting more time into my outfits – rather than rolling out of bed and pulling on my jeggings and a big sweater. It was time for a re-vamp of my closet. So I took to Madewell 1937, H&M and J.Crew – indulged in some tees – a pair of trousers – and a few dresses. I pulled out my fall shoes: wedges and boots – and got my blazers freshly ironed and clean and re-arranged my closet so that I could better see what I owned.

Since then, I’ve become a bit more creative with my normal sweater outfits – incorporating them with skirts and pants – throwing in a dress here and there. I haven’t put aside my sweaters – nor will I ever. Thanks to the Fall runways, sweaters are the main fixation of the season. My style inspirations are drawn from Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2010 collection – a line of full skirts, thick sweaters and curves. Who wouldn’t want to walk out of their house in these gorgeous outfits?

I would love for a few full skirts – and a quick stop to my mom’s closet should help. Before you hit the stores – I highly suggest you rummage through both your closet, your mom’s or even your grandmother’s for any old pieces that carry relevance to today’s fashion. Vintage-inspired pieces are always a DO.

I’ve also learned the difference and impact a pair of heels/wedges can make on an outfit. Height changes everything.

To wool, mohair and cozy sweaters,


[images via Style.com]


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