The Romantics.

We both know that I’ve lost my reading mojo. However – that does not stop me from obsessing over books. Lately – I’ve been wanting to read Galt Niederhoffer’s novel The Romantics.

Here’s the synopsis:

Laura and Lila were college roommates–one brooding and Jewish, the other the epitome of golden WASP-dom. Now it’s ten years later, a day before Lila’s wedding to Laura’s former boyfriend, and as the guests arrive, Laura finds herself the only one not coupled up. Struggling with the traditionally thankless role of maid of honor, Laura realizes for the first time why she can’t stop thinking about her long, tangled relationship with the groom. And it appears that he is not entirely ready for the altar himself. Unfolding over two days off the coast of Maine, The Romantics follows the shifting allegiances among an unforgettable set of characters.

The novel is now a motion picture starring a slew of actors/actresses such as Katie Holmes, Josh Duhamel, Anna Paquin, Adam Brody and more. It’s out in theaters on September 24th – enough time for me to hopefully start reading again.



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