Teen Vogue: Back to School Fashion.

Fall will always remind me of new beginnings. That new haircut, new wardrobe, new attitude – a new year. Sure, I’m not going back to school – but my wardrobe is.

Teen Vogue’s fashion spread for the August issue made me squeal in delight, caused my heart to flutter and above all took me by surprise. There are a few issues of Teen Vogue that I actually decide to keep as a reference for my dull-fashion phases (like the one I’m in now – dare I admit). With this particular fashion showcase, all you need to know is the following:

  • Legging Jeans
  • Chunky Knits
  • Bombshell hair.

*Please apply to your Fall Wardrobe*

Now those are three descriptions I can relate to (NOTE: I don’t consider my hair to be of ‘bombshell’ quality but it is rather BIG and quite obnoxious at times).

Right – back to fashion – now as promised, here are my favorite photos from the spread, ‘School House Rock:’

Study Date

An Education

APT Pupil

Whiz Kids

Head of the Class

Sigh. Swoon. Love. I’ve never been so excited for Fall – I hope it comes quickly – and speaking of which, I should probably start stacking up on cozy-knit sweaters. Which you know, would be uncanny for me.



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