Teen Choice Awards: Best Dressed

No.  I didn’t watch the Teen Choice Awards. To be honest – I’ve been a bit behind with the entertainment world – yet come Fall, I should be back to my normal routine of watching Glee, The Office and Dancing With The Stars religiously.

As for the red carpet – we all know I pay close attention to the fashion choices – especially made by my favorite fashionistas. So who won my heart in Best Dressed? Lea Michele of course.

Donning a green leaf-printed Naeem Kahn dress, she captured the summer look perfectly.

[image via celebrity-gossip.net]

I’m in love with this dress – more so with the color palette – it fits perfectly with August. I wasn’t a fan of most of the fashion choices made by other celebs – namely Hilary Duff.  Agree or disagree?



2 thoughts on “Teen Choice Awards: Best Dressed

  1. loved lea michele’s look too. she can def pull off the bangs as well. i agree about hilary too. she didn’t look pulled together well and her hair was just a mess…and not in a good way.

    loved ashley greene’s hair and makeup and the top portion of her dress. lol the bottom was a little awkward-looking.

    • Yes, Hilary was a hot mess – in a bad way. I also really love Ashley Greene, but is it me or has she been lacking in the Red Carpet attire department?

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