Marc By Marc Jacobs ‘Flash-Leola’ Leather Hobo.

The bag that makes you swoon. The bag that you wish you had on your shoulder. The bag that makes your heart melt as it folds against you. This is what the Marc by Marc Jacobs’ ‘Flash – Leola’ Leather Hobo does to me.

The buttery-soft leather, the angled zippers and the spaciousness of it – pulls at my heart-strings. Every time I walk in Nordstrom, I stop by it. Stare. Touch it. Put it on my shoulder. Look down at it. Walk by a mirror…or two. Stare at myself and the bag. Then put it back. Stare at it again. Clutch my heart and sigh as I look at the price tag and think, cute bag, but not a cute price. Then, using all of the will I have inside my little shopper’s heart, I tear myself away from it and move on.

Tragic, I know. Well, I’ve decided to share it with you – so I may not only stare at it in the store (I’m suspecting the sales women know who I am by now, and characterize me as the crazed bag lover with the maddening hair), but also ogle at it here.

I will eat you up,  I love you so.



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