Matiko ‘Giselle’ Sandals.

It’s amazing what a new pair of shoes can do to both you and your wardrobe. The other day I made an impluse/splurge purchase on a pair of leather Matiko ‘Giselle’ sandals that are just heavenly. Leather black straps -trimmed in white, with pink leather lining and insock, complete with a small wooden wedge. I could not leave the store without them, especially when I noticed the price tag (on sale from $128 to $69.95).

I just. had. to. have. them.

And so I bought them and once I got home, I tore open the box and immediately put them on my feet. After an hour of walking about my house – I was head over heels (pun intended) in love with them. When my mother asked if I was going to take them off anytime soon, I replied, “No. I’m going to sleep with them on.” And I would have – but that would have been uncomfortable . . . and weird.

I felt like a little girl again – with my new pretty sandals – excited about wearing them to ‘school’ the next day. Dressing up in an outfit that complemented the shoes. Me and my leather sandals with the little wooden wedge …

[image via]

Aren’t they gorgeous little things? I can’t get enough of them – and I don’t care if they look grandma-ish or whatever, they are absolutely divine and I can’t stop looking at them whenever they’re on my feet.

They also remind me of the sandals my grandmother had bought for me when she went to Italy. She would come back to the States with all of these gorgeous, one-of-a-kind shoes for me, each carefully crafted of pure childish elegance. Maybe that’s the reason why I love my new sandals so much. They remind me of that wonder and awe of childhood – yet they are perfectly modern with a splash of sophistication and charm.

So where did I buy these sandals? I’ll give you a hit – it starts with an A . . .



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