Teen Vogue in August.

Sure, I know I’m not a ‘teen’ anymore – but I can’t help but favor Teen Vogue. In their August 2010 issue, Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas graced the cover along with a beautiful spread – Vanessa Hudgens made an appearance with Victoria Beckham, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen did some styling (which included clogs) and the fashion spread, School House Rock, was one of the few spreads I’ve loved in Teen Vogue. It featured big hair, dark-rimmed glasses, skinny-legging jeans and chunky-knit sweaters – a depiction of – well – me. The fashion feature is only in the magazine right now – but as soon as it hits the Teen Vogue site – I’ll be sure to share with you..

Till then – here are my favorite spreads from the issue:

(I want Vhudg’s sequined jacket)

(I’m a sucker for sweaters – especially this Michael Kors top)

(The Alexander Wang Leopard shoes. Enough said)

(IN love with the Chloe sweater)

Thank you Teen Vogue for another well-done issue.



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