Reading Mojo.

I’ve lost my reading mojo.

I have a bookcase sitting in the corner of my room. Each shelf filled with books – some half read, some I haven’t even opened yet, and others (my Harry Potter and Twilight collection and Pride & Prejudice) have been read more than once and I refuse to put them in a box, in the basement. The thing is – I never find ‘the time’ to read a book. I could read during my commute – but I’d rather sleep or listen to my ipod. I could read a chapter or two before bed, but I’d rather watch The Nanny or go to sleep. I could read an entire novel on my day off, but I would rather go shopping, or be with friends or blog to you.

The other thing is, I will start reading a book, but a couple chapters in, I’ll get tired of it and move on to something else. I can’t seem to get lost in a book and it is quite infuriating because I will continue to buy more books or borrow a few from my friends, in hopes of getting pulled back into reading, but all that happens is I stop reading, and my bookcase becomes over-stuffed with unread books, which then leads to being forced to take to my desk, chair and side table as a new ‘book shelf.’ Therefore, my room is filled with unread books that I have no desire in opening.

Do you see how infuriating this is?

I was an English major.

I use to read every day because I had to for a degree, and now when I can read for pleasure – I don’t want to.

I don’t understand. WHO AM I?! I mean fine, maybe I want a break from reading, but a break from reading for fun?! Really Jo?

What have I become? A lie. That’s what. An English graduate who doesn’t want to read anymore.

My professors would be so upset with me, hell, I’m upset with myself.

The cure to regaining my ‘reading mojo’ has to be finding that one book that will pull me in. However when I have a room full of great books, what’s the problem? It’s me, and me not wanting to let myself read.

So. I know I should stop buying books, seeing as how I already have too many – but I bought a new book that will help me. It’s an insightful and ‘heavy’ book (literally) – not one of those fluffy books that are easy ‘beach reads.’ A book, with language and imagery so descriptive that I need to read it over and over again to get the full picture. One that I have to immerse myself in and actually use my critical thinking mind to read the way I was taught.

Allow me to introduce Hilary Thayer Hamann’s Anthropology of an American Girl

Readers. I think this one is a keeper.

Wish me luck,


PS. Any suggestions of how I can get my ‘reading mojo’ back – please – my bookcase is begging you – share your secrets.


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