Gossip Girl: Joie de Vivre

When in Paris, do as the French do.

Gossip Girl is currently in the city of Paris, filming the upcoming season. Now, I must admit, I have lost interest in the show – however – I will always admire the fashions ‘Blair’ and ‘Serena’ don. Speaking of which – I find Serena’s wardrobe much more fascinating than Blair’s – and the same goes for their reality counter-points Blake Lively and Leighton Meester.

Exhibits A-E:

Are you not dying? The pastels! The shoes (especially those rhinestone heels)! The jackets! The sequins! The high-waisted pants! I can barely contain myself.  To have that wardrobe – to even wear those clothes – would be a dream sweeter than living in  ‘Candy Land.’

Oh Gossip Girl, if only your show was as delectable as your clothes – I would become a viewer once again.


[images via justjared]

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