Blake Lively at Paris Fashion Week.

To go to Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, to wear the designer’s clothes and to sit next to Anna Wintour – well, if that doesn’t mean the  fashion world respects you – then I don’t know what else it means.

Blake Lively. Gossip Girl’s Serena, Anna Wintour’s muse (come on, the girl has been on two covers and is rumored to be partaking in an upcoming VOGUE photo-shoot), is every designer’s dream to dress. Lively has been making a pastel splash in this black-and-white landscape of Paris fashion (aside from her white dress at the Dior show)

At the Christian Dior Fall/Winter 2010-11 show – Lively sat pretty next to the famed Anne Wintour, wearing Dior and a feathered headpiece.

Shortly following Dior, Lively attended the Chanel Fall 2011 Haute Couture show wearing a floral chiffon dress from the Chanel Resort 2011 Collection. It’s one of my favorite looks, by far, from Ms. Lively’s Paris wardrobe.

Lively is très chic. Looks like Paris has done her wardrobe some good.


[images via oceanup/]

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