Baby Shower: Pink-Lace Dress Appropriate

Dear Readers,

I have a baby-shower to attend this summer and I’m beside myself with excitement. I have to say I thoroughly enjoy baby showers far more than bridal showers  – just because there’s a little someone ready to come into the family – with his or her’s little fingers and toes, smiles and coos. I’m over the moon happy for my cousin (who is expecting her first child). She is the warmest person I know – who showed me what love is and what its capable of. I know she is going to be the most doting and extraordinary mother.

Now, before I get too sentimental – let’s discuss the appropriate attire for said occasion. One should look for a classy dress that doesn’t expose too much. Remember, this is a mother-baby party.  Naturally, I turned to my go-to-store for everything nice, Anthropologie, and purchased the Sunrise & Midnight Dressa coral dress, with grey lace dripping about. The only issue is, what shoes do I wear?

Gorgeous no? I’m leaning more towards my cream-colored heels versus my black ones. Then again, I’m still indecisive. Hopefully I’ll figure it out before the shower!

Till then,


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