Bandeaus for Sale.

At a barbecue this past weekend – I was a bit lost as to what to wear. Was a dress too .. dressy? How about a romper? These options may have been ideal for any type of barbecue – but I wasn’t in the mood for a dress or a romper. Instead – I wanted to pull out my cut-off jean shorts that I purchased from, ready? Abercrombie & Fitch, a few years old. Shocking? Yes.

So what did I pair my cut-off jeans shorts with? A black ‘Artisan Tee’ from Madewell 1937, my turquoise ‘Plymel’ necklace from ALDO (that is now falling apart. It hurts to buy cheap jewelry), my favorite purple sweater from Free People – and my Cynthia Vincent for Target sandals.

Chic, and very ‘rebel’ with good style.

Yet – it was my friend E’s outfit that I feel in love with. Jean shorts, simple tank with a bright-print bandeau underneath. It was something so easy and summery that I could not help but become obsessed with.

So where can you find a stylish bandeau that won’t break your checking account? Try AE or Anthropolgie for starters.

Not sure what to wear with it? Loose fitting tanks, dresses, tees – anything that is so loose-fitting that your bra will ultimately show.  It’s the easy, breezy way to dress this summer.

Thanks E for the inspiration!



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