Vanessa Hudgens is Sweater Casual.

Who said sweaters can’t be worn on the Red Carpet? Or that wearing a sweater on a night out on the town is consider ‘grandma-ish.” Personally – I’m always in a sweater – during the day or when I go out – and on numerous occasions, I get told that I look like a nonna – a grandma. Well, I’m here to say that my favorite fashionista – Vanessa Hudgens proved that sweaters can be stylish – especially on a night out.

Also – those suede platform heels that you have hidden in your closet – because they are too “winter-ish” – please take them out and put them to use. There is never a wrong season for your suede platform heels. Just look at VHudg.

Whenever you’re in doubt of what to wear or if you’re afraid something looks ‘silly’ –  just ask yourself, “what would VHUDG wear?” You’ll always find your answer and step out of your house looking confident and fashion-forward.


[image via]

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