Inspiration Board.

It may sound silly and juvenile – but I have a framed cork-board in my room.

It sits above my desk, where I pin-up pictures, trinkets and memorabilia as a reminder of my favorite things including a dose of inspiration for whenever I see it.

What does it include?

Magazine covers of my favorite actress (Keira Knightley) and my favorite fashionista (Vanessa Hudgens), pictures of my family, brother, dog, cousin and friends, a Post Secret K gave to me for my graduation, my graduation tassel, a postcard from KMD, Marc Jacobs LOLA and SJP NYC fragrance tester-cards (emphasis on the NYC) , my name tag from NYWICI, a Lady Gaga quote, um Edward from Twilight (weird), my ticket-stub from the 92Y event with Ashley Olsen, the Phillies World Series sticker, a TCNJ Homecoming postcard, and my Philadelphia Fashion Week ‘badge’ (if you will) and random trinkets.



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