Outfitted for Summer.

Every summer – we clean out our closets of heavy sweaters, winterized dresses –  for our new light sweaters, breezy summer dresses and shorts to bear our legs. However, when it comes to bathing suits – we all cringe. The fact that we have lost our tans from the previous summers – perhaps gained some unnecessary pounds thanks to those numerous snow-days – it makes us want to hide under our beach towels.

As for me, I’m approaching this upcoming summer/bathing suit season with a new outlook. Yes, we all would love to look like the models who wear their bathing suits on the beach, runway – what have you. But  for me to be a size 0 or 2 means that I would have to starve myself – and I love food way too much – especially my pasta.

So, I’m going to find that perfect bathing suit – no matter what the size it says on the inside – as long and I feel comfortable enough to ditch the beach towel and not volunteer myself to be dug into a sand hole as to avoid frolicking in my bathing suit on the beach – I’m going to buy it.

Yet, what the hardest part about finding that perfect bathing suit is finding the suit that matches your body type. There’s the athletic build, boy-shaped, curvy, hour-glass, busty, pear-shape, apple shape blah, blah, blah. It’s enough to make you hate shopping for the suit even before you actively start!

The only way I figured out what bathing suits fit me is through trial and error. Meaning, going into a store and trying on every style. Finally, I have narrowed down the style of suits to the following:

  • bikini cut
  • spaghetti strap of some sort.

Exciting right? I discovered that strapless tops cause more trouble than necessary, tankinis bring back bad memories of my teenage years, boy shorts are just bleh and string bikinis are never a good idea.

Yet, despite my trails – I can’t help but fall in love with this new and adorable bathing suit cut. A complete throw-back to the days my Grandmother visited the beaches in Carini – high-waisted bikinis.

Sounds scary right? Trying to image how a  girl with curves can work a high-waisted bathing suit? I have no idea how it will look – but I do love it and I’m craving to try it on.

Having first spotted Michael Kors’ ‘abstract-printed’ bikini – I knew I just had to find a bikini like it and try it out. To my complete excitement – I found a style of this new bikini at  J.Crew and Anthropologie. The down-fall is that they are only online. Issue.

Michael Kors Abstract Print Bikini

JCrew Wildflower French Bikini

Anthropologie Summer Nostalgic Bikini

The next step is to actively try on this beach-savory number. But how will it look? I showed my Mom the suits and with her support she stated that it will make me “look old.”

Fabulous. Maybe I can prove her wrong..

Thoughts on this bikini cut?


One thought on “Outfitted for Summer.

  1. I was looking at these the other day on Anthro’s site and I was wondering whether or not I should look into buying a suit such as this? I think they are cute!! Only if they are flattering..

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