Lea Michele Should Be a Cover Girl.

I really wish Lea Michele would be featured on more magazines as the cover girl. She has already been featured in fashion spreads in magazines like ELLE and Glamour. Along with her Glee cast-mates, she has also graced the covers of Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide.

I think its time she graced the cover of, oh I don’t Vogue or even Glamour or Elle? For reasons why she should be a cover girl – I’ll only name one: She was named TIME’s 100 Most Influential People of 2010.

Olivia Newton John described Michele as a, “wise, savvy and beautiful, an extremely gifted singer-actress-dancer-comedian with perfect pitch (I love that!). She is well prepared for superstardom in a role that is tailor-made for her on a creative, original show.”

In the odd article in Rolling Stone, Glee Gone Wild, we were introduced to Lea, where she was in a “musty bookstore . . .tracking down volumes of Wuthering Heights for her Wuthering Heights collection.” And as soon as the article was becoming interesting – it took a turn for the weird and soon I was reading about the writer asking if she pees in the shower, and yelling “Entertain us!” I want to know more about Lea rather than her entertaining. I’d rather see her on the cover of a magazine instead of someone like Lauren Conrad.

For now, Lea is the cover girl for June’s Women’s Health and for ASOS – the famous UK online fashion store – and I loved the clothes in her photo spread. She also always looks great on the Red Carpet – especially in her most recent appearance, wearing a vintage Oscar de la Renta gown. Very classy.

[images from justjared]

Here’s to waiting for Vogue,



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