Vanessa Hudgens: Boho Skirt.

-Excellence in capturing Boho style? CHECK.

From jumpsuits, to floppy hats – there is no “boho” outfit Vanessa Hudgens can not pull off.

With a stop to the gas station – VHUDG donned her now signature floppy hat (this time in black), a simple coral tank top – paired with a long black jersey-knit skirt. Sounds simple, but looks very chic.

[image from]




7 thoughts on “Vanessa Hudgens: Boho Skirt.

  1. oh mu gosh!! that is so funny..that is the exact same skirt i was about to post on here! i think i may have found the exact one:

    its from the topshop us. i actually used to work there and to be honest it is overpriced since it is shipped from england so i would totally just go with the ASOS skirt you posted! I am going to get it i think!

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