Jack Peñate.

I recently discovered the genius of Jack Peñate – and his music is absolutely beautiful. I can’t believe I haven’t heard of him till now.

[Jack Peñate]

For that I blame the radio. It’s killing music – by over-playing stale rap and mind-erasing pop songs – great music never makes it onto the radio station – that is of course if you have satellite radio, then you have access to it (lucky you!) .

How many times can I listen to Kesha sing about BLAH BLAH BLAH (no I’m not naming her song, her music is BLAH- and yes I liked her song Tik Tok, but now my ears bleed when I hear it about 5 times in one hour on the radio) or the mess of other rap songs that have all blurred together.

There is not artistic beauty in those overplayed songs – like their techno – enhanced voices (ahem Kesha). I can’t argue with the talent of a rapper though – but how many times can I listen to their songs?

To find quality music – music that moves you – lyrics that you find beauty in – sounds that wrap themselves around your brain – satisfying your musical taste buds – you have to search elsewhere.

Spending time on iTunes, listening to a friend’s satellite radio or by word of mouth – at least that’s how I find my music – especially if I hear a great song in a store – I’ll track it down as if my life depended on it. And that’s how I found Mr. Peñate.

My favorite songs of his so far are: Pull Myself Away and Tonight’s Today.

[Pull Myself Away Official Video]

“I need to take myself away
From the pillowed hand on which I stand
and throw me out of the side of a plane
and I´ll just see where I land

I will have to pull my heart away/ ‘Cos if I never leave I’ll ruin yesterday

Feel free to share great music here..I’d love to hear!



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