Stay “Classy” thanks to Derek Blasberg.

We have all witnessed them.

The women, some of which may possibly be our friends, who go out with too short of a skirt, too low of a shirt, too much showing and not enough clothing. OR that girl at a party, or to put it frank, the girls from The Jersey Shore.

No one has ever really directly addressed these women . . . until now. Thanks to Derek Blasberg’s new book Classy: Be a Lady, Not a Tramp, Derek addresses the problematic instances of these said women, and educates those who want to learn to be more of a lady and less like a tramp.

As Derek states:

“So I’m taking a stand, and encouraging young women to be better behaved – and to realize that life can be so much more than the happy hour special at your local strip club.”

From how to differentiate the fashion of “sexy gear and skankville” to manners and work ethic – Derek outlines, illustrates and tells us like it is.

I ran out to my local BN for my own copy – and I can honestly say that I love the book. From the  illustrations, to witty commentary, tips and quotes – the book is really worth it.

[image from refinery29]

So far, my favorite tip from Derek has to be: A Lady wears underwear.”

Let’s hope the young women of America listen – and leave home with a pair of underwear on.



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