Glee says “Hell-o”

The start of season 2 began tonight at precisely 9:28pm for Glee. Last night, I finished re-watching the entire first season on DVD – and I was fully prepared for what the premiere had to offer.

A few things. Just a few.

1. Finn – what were you thinking. Although, you did save face when you told Rachel “I don’t give up that easily.” Nicely done. Oh and your performance of the Doors’ “Hello, I Love You” was pretty good – one of my favorite songs of the night – aside from Sue’s (see #6).

2. Jesse St. James and Rachel’s impromptu performance for the homeless – complete with backup – was mesmerizing.

3. Speaking of Jesse St. James – despite his killer performance with Rachel – he is a bit sketchy. I’m a tad worried.

4. Mr. Schuester and Emma are really precious, but Mr. Schuester better get his act together before he really messes up – and then boom – he’ll be alone, with only his song “Hello” to comfort him.

5. The best quote of the night was from the Cheerios’ very own Brittany: “Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?”

6. Sue Sylvester is a tricky, scheming woman (a roofie in Principal Figgins’ drink!?) – yet her performance of Madonna’s “Vogue” made the entire episode. Can’t wait for next week’s Madonna Ep.

7. Glee’s musical number of the Beatles’ “Hello Goodbye” aka the Target song – was not one of my favs. Maybe it was because I was too caught up with everything that just happened..

8. Not enough Puck action in this week’s episode – but I’m sure Glee will redeem itself in the upcoming shows.

9. Cat-themed relationship calendar – where does one even get one of those? LOL

10. Big fan of Rachel’s slap-in-the-face  performance of the All American Rejects’ “Gives You Hell” song dedicated to Finn. Very kick-ass.

These are the ten few things I felt worthy to mention from tonight’s episode “Hell-o” – see you next week.



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