Vanessa Hudgens Black Cardigan.

This black cardigan. This black and gold-stripped cardigan is. to. die. for. Vanessa Hudgens – in all black – dress, sweater and ankle boots – looks very chic in her latest ensemble. Let’s not forget to mention the fringe bag – which is by now her signature.

Vhudg gets it right every time – and she is fearless when putting an outfit together. Short dress with ankle boots?  Perfectly chic. I love it.

Back to this cardigan, (yes I’m obsessed) it looks very Madewell1937 – but I wonder where its really from – or am I right?

I really wish I could shop her closet – or better yet – have her has a fellow shopping companion. After all – we do share a love for cardigans – and fringe. But if only I could find that perfect fringe bag . . .

[image from justjared]

Okay, it’s official. Vanessa Hudgens is my fashion doppelganger.



3 thoughts on “Vanessa Hudgens Black Cardigan.

  1. Heyy, Do you actually know where this cardigan is from? I’m in love with it and can’t find it anywhere!
    Rachael xoxo

  2. Hi Rachael,
    I unfortunately don’t know where the cardigan is from – I’ve been searching for it too! It reminds me a lot of some ‘Madewell 1937’ sweaters I’ve seen. Hopefully with the fall and winter seasons coming up – we’ll find some sweaters that look like this!

    • Dammit! haha. Yeah I guess I’ll have to wait and see. I’m tempted to write to the girl and ask her where she gets these fabulous clothes! xx

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