I Met Sarah Dessen!

I started reading Sarah Dessen’s novels back in my sophomore year of high school. The first ones being That Summer and Someone Like You – the two books that were made into the movie: How To Deal starring Mandy Moore (Yes I bought the DVD, and yes I loved it). My all-time favorite book by Dessen is The Truth About Forever – I’ve read it 3 times and its covered with post-its marking my favorite passages and quotes.

After reading some of her stories – I remember thinking – I can do this. I can be a writer. And from that point on – I took to my English courses with new-found inspiration and determination, and I finally knew what I wanted to study when I went to college – English.

So here I am – a graduate with an English degree – making my profession writing and pursuing publishing.

On Friday, March 19th at the NYC Teen Author Festival – I went to see and hear Dessen talk about “writing in a girl’s voice” and I got to meet her.

Sarah Dessen, KP and jonotjoe!

I worked up my courage to tell Dessen that she was my inspiration (she was humbled and loved my name BTW!) – and she signed my copy of The Truth About Forever and Keeping the Moon (I did bring along more books with me – but I figured 2 signed copies were fair).

Consider this one of my life goals completed: Meeting my inspiration.



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