Jimmy Choo: Suede, fringe and leather Shopper.

Imagine a bag of delicious rich suede, with snake-embossed leather trimmings, complete with swinging fringe and gleaming chains – wrapped in leather as its handle. Does a bag of this caliber exist?

Jimmy Choo must have peeked into our dreams and plucked from them the most tasteful bag one could imagine.

The “Tatum” Shopper is effortlessly chic – as it would dangle on a fashionista’s shoulder – melting into her side.  I’m craving a fringe bag – and upon catching sight of this dreamy concoction of suede, fringe and leather – I knew a bag heaven existed.

One fashionista, besides myself of course, that I would envision wearing this bag would be Vanessa Hudgens. Am I wrong? Never.

Well, I will dream away – seeing as how the price tag is – $$$ -well, I’m sure you can imagine its pricing.

Suede, fringe and leather – I die (in the words of RZ).



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