Kristen Stewart is “Proud.”

Kristen Stewart.

We all know her to be the awkward girl, never smiling actress who plays “Bella Swan” of the Twilight Saga, the rumored girlfriend of Robert Pattinson and the new Joan Jett.

This past Sunday at the Oscars, Stewart presented the horror film montage with Taylor Lautner – and of course – Stewart coughed in mid-sentence. I’ll admit – I laughed – and made fun of her.  But what may come as a shock to many of her critics and myself, was that she was “proud” of her presentation at the Oscars.

In her first interview with Jay Leno on Wednesday March 10th, she talked to Jay about her awkwardness and how proud she was of her Oscars moment claiming, “This is going to baffle some people, but I was so proud of myself that night, I was like whoa, I didn’t fall down or anything.” Touche.

Sure Stewart is awkward when she talks publicly, in which she admits “I have an incapability of acting if I’m not acting.” But after her interview with Leno (and walking on stage with Louboutins), I have so much more appreciation for her. Because honestly – who wouldn’t feel nervous about A. presenting at the Oscars or B. being interviewed on a live-show. And don’t forget, she is still a teenager.

Rumor has it that Stewart nailed her performance as Joan Jett in her new upcoming movie, The Runaways. She was recently at the premiere in LA, looking dare I say – happy. And I actually loved her bright pink Doori dress. Nice choice.

[image from justjared]

The one movie of hers that I’m dying to see is, of course, Eclipse – due out June 30th. If you can’t wait till then (like me) New Moon comes out on DVD March 20th.

Here’s to more awkward moments with K-Stew and appreciating them.



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