Miley and Liam for TeenVogue.

Miley Cyrus.

For some reason the girl rubs me the wrong way. Yet, despite how much I dislike her, especially her new role in the Nicholas Sparks’ book turned film: The Last Song (which I feel she acts horribly in thanks to previews) – I can’t help but love-love-love her TeenVogue fashion shoot with co-star and boyfriend (of course), Liam Hemsworth.

Shot in Paris – with the most adorable clothes – they look – dare I say – cute.  As for the interview? I will not comment. Go HERE for more about Miley and Liam’s TeenVogue cover shoot/story.

[images from]

Hm, I think I’m in love with these pictures because of Liam..maybe even more than the clothes (gasp!).



2 thoughts on “Miley and Liam for TeenVogue.

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