Canada Ice Dancing 2010 Olympics . . .

My favorite part of the Olympics, besides watching Apollo Anton Ohno speed skate, was the couples ice dancing.

Of course, I rooted for the USA team: Meryl Davis and Charlie White, however Canada’s team Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir skated were my favorite!  Their performance for the gold medal was so fluid, and they were so in-sync with one another, it was hard not to fall in love with them and their routine.   It was like watching a young couple in love stealing a few moments together on the ice.

I’d watch that one performance over and over again – it was absolutely beautiful. Their Gold-medal was well-deserved.

Congrats to both Canada and USA for Gold and Silver!

Also, I’m absolutely certain Tessa and Scott are dating. At a press conference, they were asked if they were a couple. Tessa hesitated, stuttered, blushed and laughing stating, “Um, I forgot the first question now.” Scott then chimed in saying, “Tessa and I are actually not dating, just on the ice for 7 minutes, every time we do the program and that’s about it.

Right. I still don’t believe you Scott – but whatever you say . . .



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