Bryant Park Fashion Week in Pictures.

Along with my first big-designer fashion show, I also experienced my first and last, experience in the Bryant Park tents.

I entered the tents and all about me was a rush.  To the left was a “chocolate bar” where water and chocolate energy bars were free to Fashion Week invitees.  Lines to get into the shows wrapped around a fountain in the center of the tent, people running to make the line and crowding the information desk, while reporters stalking out celebrities and models. Various other stations occupied the entrance tent, however my eye was caught on the “Twitter Wall” where tweets of #NYFW were shown on a big-screen.

Hello 2010.

Besides my starstruck moment of seeing the one and only Mr. Joe Zee – my celeb-sighting was minimum.  However, witnessing a fashion show in the Bryant Park tents left me speechless . . .

Since no words can describe that opportunity – here are the pictures I tweeted:

[image of the Trias show]

Having the chance to be in the Bryant Park tents during Fashion Week was amazing – so glad I had the opportunity before it moved out from the park.

Here’s to Fashion Week,



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