First Fashion Show: Oscar de la Renta F/W 2010

How many bloggers can say that their first fashion show experience was Oscar de la Renta?

Not many.

Given the opportunity to go to Oscar de la Renta’s F/W 2010 show during NYC’s Fashion Week – I embarked to my first big-designer fashion show with no idea how to sort my expectations.

Instead, I reacted like when I was a little girl walking into FAO Schwartz into the Barbie section: All types of Barbies everywhere, Barbies in elegant dresses behind glass cases and the columns of Barbie shoes. I remember stopping at the entrance and repeating “wow” over and over again – until my Mom dragged me inside..

I was in AWE and drinking it all in with envious eyes. Thinking to myself – so this is what it’s like to be here at Fashion Week!

I stood about the room prior to the show doing my intern-duties, however when it came close to the beginning of the show – I was offered a seat – gasp. I sat down as the lights dimmed and the classical music boomed – and then the first model walked onto the runway…

[images from]

Sequins, sparkles, reds-purples-greens, elegance, demure and sophistication laced its way throughout Oscar de la Renta’s F/W 2010 collection. Upon the last turn of the models – the room erupted with applause – all from the likes of fashion’s icons: Anna Wintour, Mr. Joe Zee, Nina Garcia, Rachel Zoe and more.

As each model walked the runway – I was mesmerized by their fluidness and ease – wondering to myself – how do they do it? Practice? Comfort? Skill? They all looked stunning and flawless.

I wish I could blog to you the exact description of what it felt like to be there – but all words fail me: save for mesmerized and awe-inspiring.

That show will always be with me – and how I sat there – stunned –  just like I was when I visited FAO Schwartz for the first time as a little girl . . . in complete and utter amazement.



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