Alexa Chung for Madewell. . .

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Easy. Simple. Cute.

They are the three words that define Alexa Chung’s new line of clothes for Madewell, labeled: Alexa Chung for Madewell. An ode to the basics and with the elements “missing from my closet,” said Chung, her new line is adoring and demure, and is made for the Madewell girl who dresses for chic comfort.

The collection includes velvet shorts and dresses, tea dresses with a “Peter Pan” collar, knee-length skirts, polka dot detailing, skinny and high-waisted pants, silk blouses, t-shirts with Chung’s own drawings, over-sized sweaters and boyfriend blazers.  These basics play with boyish features, yet made to cling to curves, redefining the silhouette.

Red, blue and plaid bow-ties adorned the collection, along with brooches that offer an innocent and sophisticated appeal – yet deceiving once paired with silk blouses that reveal as much as one would allow.

The models at the presentation of Alexa Chung’s new line for Madewell completed the looks with gray tights and socks, paired with leather clogs, boots and strappy heels.

As a model, writer, talk-show host and now designer, Chung doesn’t follow trends, nor does she have any “must-haves” for her wardrobe.  Instead, she dresses for herself  with what feels right.

One could say Chung’s new collection does carries a trend – an aesthetic of simplicity and childish wonder.  Yet trends come and go, and their time spent on fashion pages are dated.  However, clothing with the elements of an easy, simple and cute feel are the foundations of trends. They are the basics in one’s closet, while the trends are merely fluff.

Chung stated that she intended to “bring cute back”  – and looking at her collection,  she did more than that – she brought us back to the basics of cute and sophistication.

Alexa Chung for Madewell will be available come August 2010 – and good news to the recessionista – her line will be affordable, following Madewell’s current pricing lineup.



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