Emma Roberts at Valentine’s Day . . .

Emma Roberts, the 19-year-old actress stars alongside her aunt, the beloved Julia Roberts, in this Valentine’s Day hot new movie – Valentine’s Day (for the lack of a better title). The film stars a slew of famous actors and actresses – all of which I have no desire to mention because then I would be naming EVERY actor/actress in Hollywood.

However, Emma Roberts should not be defined by her family tree – but rather her work of movies: Nancy Drew (I smell a sequel), Hotel for Dogs, Aquamarine, her stint on Nickelodeon’s Unfabulous, Blow (the young daughter) among others.

Let’s also take her fashion choices into consideration (naturally).  The first moment I realized this young girl had a fashion sense was some time ago – I don’t remember the exact date – when she was featured on Extra or The Insider wearing these black heels with bows at the tip of her shoe. I thought to myself – how very fabulous. BUT THEN – it turned out that the said bows were in fact HAIR CLIPS! Young Miss Roberts had clipped hair bows to her shiny black heels!

How very clever.

So naturally I have kept an eye on this young fashionista and sure enough, she walked the red carpet in something I found – worthy of posting.  Yet, instead of posting the standard red carpet picture – I’m posting one that I thought to be – intriguing. Frightening – had I been in her pumps – but nonetheless intriguing.

[image from justjared]

What is she wearing?  A long-sleeved black/gray Kova and T dress – one that reminds me of a ballerina’s frock, garnished with a vintage necklace and complete with nude Brian Atwood leather “Maniac” pumps.

How very chic.

Now why do I find this photo intriguing? Rarely do you see photos from the red carpet from the celebrity’s point of view.  Could you imagine, standing there staring at countless faces who are shouting your name, while blinding you with their camera’s flashes? I cringe. However, I’m assuming its an acquired feel of . . . comfort? Or do they ever become comfortable with it?  Who knows.  But they all seem to do it well.

This photo also screams Hollywood and I adore it.

Well dressed Emma,


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