Jessica Alba is on Twitter!

Not only is Jessica Alba new to Twitter – but she is also my new favorite fashionista.

At the Hollywood premiere of her new film, Valentine’s Day, Alba wore a peacock inspired Proenza Schouler frock with wooden shoes by Marc Jacobs.

[image from justjared]

I also love her assorted bangles by Anndra Neen.

After a visit on the Jimmy Fallon show on February 3rd, Alba talked about her fear of snowboarding, recently becoming active on Twitter and her most embarrassing moment on set of Valentine’s Day.

On why she is afraid of snowboarding:

“I’m terrified for some reason, of the chair lift and I have on numerous occasions, whenever I’m on the chairlift, I don’t get off, when you’re suppose to.”

On why she joined Twitter:

“In Valentine’s Day, I’m with Ashton Kutcher in the movie, he is a huge Twitter guy, and he got George Lopez on it while we were shooting and I don’t know, I felt dumb that I’m not up to date with technology or any of this stuff.  I didn’t have a Facebook until like 4 days ago.”

On being nervous kissing her friend, Ashton Kutcher:

“It’s weird kissing your friend . . . I was nervous, and I get a dry mouth and I always chew gum whenever I am nervous. So I had it, and my mouth got dry because I was nervous and I knew I was going to kiss Ashton and it got like powdery and it was on my lip during my close-up of the scene, and he called me out on it in front of the whole crew and it was really embarrassing.”

Follow Alba on Twitter: – @jessicaalba She posted the cutest picture of her and her husband Cash Warren from the premiere – and the cutest part is her bio, which reads: Proud Mom.

Can’t wait to watch her new film!



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