Vampire Weekend Crush . . .

Yes. I have a massive crush on Vampire Weekend – especially with the lead singer: Ezra Koenig. And if I don’t get to see these boys play live, I will die a little on the inside.

Their new album Contra topped the charts as it debuted at Number One on the Billboard Top 200 with 124,000 copies sold. [via Rolling Stone] WIN. My favorite song from their album is “Diplomat’s Son.” Here is a clip of the song played live:

They were also featured in February 4th issue of Rolling Stone with the infamous John Mayer on the cover, [let’s not get into his outrageous interview- which caused me to dislike him even more..] in “The Semi-Charmed Life of Vampire Weekend” article.

It was in this article that I found myself falling in love with the lead singer, Ezra.


“When Ezra Koenig was a student at Columbia University, he wrote a short story set at a posh New England prep school. At the time, says Koenig, “I was really obsessed with boarding school as a concept.” Middle-class and Jewish, he’d attended public high school in suburban New Jersey and was paying his way through college with a work-study job and “a buttload of student loans.” To him, boarding school was a mysterious tradition from another time and tax bracket: “It seemed so  . . . fantastical.”

One day, in one of his creative-writing seminars, the class went around the room naming topics that interested them. Koenig said boarding school. “Someone was like, ‘Oh, did you go to boarding school?'” he recalls. “And  I realized, ‘Oh, right! People actually do go to boarding school! It’s not like Narnia!”

-Rolling Stone

And that was when I realized that I had a crush on Ezra. Oh and he also taught English at a middle school and for Halloween one year, he dressed up as Sebastian, the drunken aristocrat from Brideshead Revisited.

Seriously. Love.



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