The Meaning of “JO” and “Josephine”

You can call it sheer boredom, or as I like to call it – curiosity.

I went to and typed in my name. Why?  Because . . . I was curious.

In the end –  I was cracking up laughing – yet I was slightly happy that the words “sassy” and “chic” found their way into the definitions.

The definition of “JO:”

  • The female version of Joe. Usually short for Joanna, Jolene, Josephine, and other such “Jo” names.
  • Usually arises in the form of a sassy, small (in stature) female.
  • Girls with this name tend to know where they are going in life. They love to have fun, but are always looking ahead at their goal. She knows what she wants, and she knows exactly how she is going to get it.
  • On the outside she has a tough shell and tries to be a badass, but deep down she is a hopeless romantic. She wants and can’t wait to fall head over heels.

The definition of “Josephine:”

  • A sexy chic woman who loves fashion. Her smile always gets the guys attention.

This was probably the most entertaining part of my day. What does your name mean?



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