Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day…

A snow day usually consists of the following:

  • Sleeping in
  • Indulging in soup, tea and in my case – coffee.
  • Reading books and magazines
  • Blogging – my internet went down so that didn’t happen
  • And for course, watching movies.

So today, amidst the blizzard outside, I indulged in coffee and watched “Miss Pettigrew Lives for Day,” and dare I say, I fell in love with the film. Now, after having watched it – I am dying for the DVD and the book in which its based on – by Winifred Watson.

Amy Adams and Frances McDormand

So why do I love this film so much? Simply because Guinevere Pettigrew is an amazing woman – who offers the best advice. And also – it’s based in the 1930’s – great fashions – and I’m a sucker for London and of course – happy endings.

Delysia: [during an air-raid drill] Guinevere, I’m scared!

Guinevere Pettigrew: It’s just a drill, I’m sure it’s just a drill.

Delysia : But it won’t always be, will it? We’re going to war, aren’t we?

Guinevere:  Yes we are. And that is why you must not waste a second of this precious life. Listen to me. Once I too had ambitions. Not your grand ones, simple ambitions. Marriage, children and a house of our own. He died, in the mud in France. A good, solid man. You would call him dull, no doubt, but he smiled whenever he saw me and we could’ve built a life on that. Your heart knows the truth, Delysia. Trust it.

. . . .

“Not everything comes along just when we want it. There are times when decisions just have to be made, or you certainly will miss out.” – Guinevere


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