Vampire Weekend alla VOGUE…

I felt that I had to share this with all of you – just because it surprised me so much.  I was flipping through the January issue of VOGUE and in the Almost Famous feature – the band mates of Vampire Weekend were staring right back at me. I could NOT believe it – VOGUE?! – This is HUGE! It made me so happy – obviously.

“Two years ago, the indie-pop four-piece Vampire Weekend released their self-titled first album to almost universal applause—before it was even fully recorded, they were heralded in The New York Times as “one of the year’s most impressive debuts.” Nevertheless, the group’s lead singer, Ezra Koenig, finds cause for one (minor) complaint in all that positive press: “Sometimes,” he notes drily, “it seems as though every other article about us contains the words boat shoes.”

. . . .

“We think of ourselves as being on a journey,” he explains. “You get older, you get new ideas…that’s just what happens.” Even when it means leaving old favorites behind: After a little prodding, Koenig—who’s clad in trainers—admits that his old Sperrys fell apart on their last tour. “I haven’t really been able to bring myself to buy another pair,” he says. “I have to have a conversation with my subconscious about what’s going on there.” VOGUE

The other bands that shared the feature included: Chester French, Golden Silvers, MGMT, Adam Green, The Horrors, Beirut and Mika.

I have a new appreciation for VOGUE after this feature..



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