Vampire Weekend’s Contra.

Vampire Weekend’s sophomore album, Contra will be released on January 12th.

I first got hooked on Vampire Weekend over the summer – where I listened to their music every chance I got – at work, in the car, on my ipod, at the beach – and so naturally their music always reminds me of summer.

As soon as I found out that their second album was due out – I was a bit afraid that it wouldn’t hold the same musical value as their first album did. A value they have considered an “Upper West Side Soweto” sound.

On Vampire Weekend’s web site you can listen to Contra – and not only do the songs hold the same “western classical” feel  – but they added new sounds that makes this album a tasteful change.

In a recent interview with “MTV Unplugged” the band mates discussed the release of their new album, where they really “challenged” themselves and each other during the creative process.  Without trying to “regurgitate” the sounds of their first album – Vampire Weekend stretched their musical talents and “expanded their world” and in doing so – they created Contra.

Vampire Weekend recorded most of their new songs in New York City and some in Mexico City – a process that took 6 months.

So far my favorite songs are: Horchata, White Skies, Run, Diplomat’s Son, I Think Ur a Contra.

I can’t wait to get my hands on their new album – and hopefully catch the band in concert. . .



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