To be like VHudg . . .

To be like VHudg – one would have to invest in:

  • Denim jeans
  • a leather jacket
  • Vintage long-gold necklaces
  • Brown, gray or black boots
  • long sweaters
  • funky rings
  • a black leather bag – with or without the fringe

I am well on my way to channeling my inner VHudg – save for a minor few things (the bag and the perfect cropped leather jacket).  As I scoured the web for updates on my all-time FAVORITE fashionista, Vanessa Hudgens – I fell upon this snap-shot of her and Zac Efron –  a simple outfit for the movies. Effortless? Yes. A complete and utterly perfected casual look? YES.


I am in love with her boots and of course, her entire outfit.  It is all very Madewell..



2 thoughts on “To be like VHudg . . .

  1. Vanessa and the girls from Sucker Punch, i believe, all got given great rings from a new jeweller on the market called Mr Kate. They are some pretty simple rings but pack a good punch for most outfits Vanessa puts together.
    Check out:

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