Burberry Returns with Emma Watson. . .

With 2010 just beginning – Spring/Summer collections are hitting the stores and fashion ads are filling in the pages to our beloved magazines.

One of my favorite fashionistas – Emma Watson – has once again struck a pose for Burberry’s Spring/Summer 2010 ad campaign in a blush purple – ruffled shoulder jacket, complete with the designer’s signature Spring belt.


And of course – the delightful clutch with the classic Burberry colors.

Does it compare to her Autumn/Winter 2010 ads? Personally – I’m a big fan of the Autumn/Winter ads, but I can’t deny my love for purple . . . or the fact that I fell in love with the Burberry Prorsum RTW Spring 2010 show during Fashion Week this past Fall..

And just to prove how much of an impact this young actress is having on the “fashion world-” InStyle has included her in the 100 Best Dresses of the Decade. Naturally – she was donning a Burberry Prorsum dress

Looking forward to more Best-Dress moments from Watson in the future,



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