Hunters + Fleece Welly Socks = Perfect Match

Give me rain or snow – and I’ll wear my Hunter Wellingtons. About a year ago – I had finally purchased my very own wellies and they have to be the best investment I’ve made regarding foot-wear.

Recently, I had blogged about Hunter Wellington’s latest accessory: Fleece Welly Socks.  Not being able to hold back from splurging – I bought myself a gray pair. To be honest – my Wellingtons have never been so comfortable and warm.  With the recent snow storm that covered us in 2 feet of snow (well in my area) – I decided it was the perfect time to put my wellies + fleece socks to use.

How cute!?  Not only were my feet toasty warm – but the socks really completed the Hunters – creating the perfect match.  My girl M finally bought herself a pair of Wellingtons –  and I’m trying to convince her to splurge on these must-needed socks. Your Hunters will thank you – because really – they are the perfect accessory.

Visit the HUNTER site for more on these socks.



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