Marvels & Wonders . . .

It’s the holiday season – and the search for “the perfect gift” is underway. I myself am trying to collectively get ideas for all my family and friends – and it’s not as easy as one would think.

So I have taken to the internet to get some ideas and naturally, I visited Anthropologie – and their “Marvels & Wonders” section caught my eye.  These cute little trinkets would do well for any friend or mother.

Here are some of my favorites:

Ski Cap Candles

Tree Trunk Mug, Bark

Coin of the Realm Necklace

It Can Happen To You Puzzle

Cloth Bound Penguin Classics

Great and Small Coin Purse

Giving's Gleam Cuff

Aren’t they adorable!? Just the creativity of these images and how they are incorporated with the pieces themselves, just makes me want to purchase each and every wonder.

Good luck with the holiday shopping!


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