2010 Movie Previews . . .

What’s the best part of going out to the movies – besides watching the movie -with popcorn and candy in hand?

The Previews!

As I sat waiting to watch New Moon this past weekend – I got a glimpse of three new movies that I’m excited to see.  Two of which include my favorite: Amanda Seyfried (from Mamma Mia!).

The first movie, Letters to Juliet caught me off guard- emotionally.  The film centers around the city of Verona, Italy – Juliet’s statue/balcony – and the letters of love addressed to Juliet.  I have once visited the city and saw Juliet’s statue a couple years ago, and the preview  reminded me of Verona’s beauty. I only wish I could go visit again!

The movie is due on in May 2010 – a perfect time of year to make a trip to Italy. . .

The other Seyfried movie, Dear John, is with Channing Tatum and is based on a Nicholas Sparks novel- so automatically we all know it will be a sob-fest.  Naturally, this movie is due out in February 2010 – near Valentine’s Day  – how fitting.

Be prepared to bring tissues to the theater.

Lastly, the novel The Lovely Bones written by Alice Sebold, is coming to the big screen – and I’m excited yet terrified to watch it.  The cast includes Mark Wahlberg, Rachel Weisz and Saoirse Ronan (Atonement). The Lovely Bones has been one of those books that has both haunted and intrigued me.  Aspects of the book have stayed with me – in the corner of my mind – and that to me is what makes the book.  Having the ability to shock and remain with the reader demonstrates how powerful a well-written book can be.

The preview gives me goosebumps . . . its due out January 2010.

2010 looks like a promising year for the box office!



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